Guarded House

Property Management

4625 Virginia Ave.

Fort Wayne, IN 46808


John Snyder, Vice President


We currently offer our services only in the states of Indiana, Ohio and S. Michigan, with plans to expand to the Gulf Coast within the next six months. We are a full service property monitoring and maintenance service. We do everything from flush and clean toilets to building remodels and repair. We are licensed Building Contractors and cover everything regarding homes, condos and vacant properties.

Our services are based on individual needs and specific items. Our unique HOME CARE VISIT includes a 29 item checklist and pricing starts at $39 per visit. Lawn care is based on size of lot and pricing starts at $75 per month for small lots. Our other services are by bid and proposal. If your client has properties in our service areas let us know and we would be glad to help. •SECURITY:  Within one business day, Guarded House rekeys the doors (up to 5 exterior doors, 2 sliders, one 2-car garage, 2 padlocks), installs a client-specific lock-box, and boards up to 25 SF of broken windows, doors, or other openings.  This prevents vandals, squatters, or animals from entering and damaging the property.   

•CLEANUP:  Within 3 business days, the interior and exterior of the property is inspected, photo-documented, cleared of debris (trash-out), cleaned/landscaped, and made as saleable as possible.  All debris and designated personal property is removed, documented and stored (as appropriate) if requested by the client.  The interior undergoes a thorough housecleaning, to include all standard janitorial services such as vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing of bowls and basins, dusting and wipe-downs of all surfaces.  Outside, the yard is removed of all debris, mowed, trimmed, watered, and all plantings are spruced up as needed.  Additionally, if the property contains a pool or spa, initial cleaning services can be provided for an additional fee and the area is fenced and/or secured as required.   

•REPAIR & REHABILITATION ASSESSMENT:  Within 3 business days, Guarded House provides a comprehensive photo-documented inspection to our client regarding the physical condition of the property, including our recommendations for rehabilitation or repair.  In the event that the client decides to commission repair or rehabilitation, Guarded House bids out the work upon the client's request, as well as provides comprehensive contractor oversight, as needed.  We provide comprehensive management of a broad spectrum of work, from foundation repairs to minor landscaping.

•DOCUMENTATION & GUARANTEE:  Guarded House prides itself on a reputation of excellence, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction.  At the conclusion of any service, oversight, or work we complete for a client, we provide a hardcopy file that invoices and documents all service or work provided with written descriptions and photos.   Before and after photos are provided.  We operate on a "DIRTFooT" Do It Right The First Time customer service policy; we will not quit until our client is 100% satisfied.





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